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If you follow along with us on Facebook or Instagram, you saw that we made a huge announcement a couple of weeks ago – the 5th annual A Crystal Clear Vision will be held at the Woman’s Club of Portsmouth! The show will be held on February 11, 2018 and we can’t wait transform this gorgeous venue! Our goal for A Crystal Clear Vision is to continue to push the envelope each year with the best vendors, innovative ideas, and cutting edge decor, and we are confident that this year will be the best yet! Stay tuned for more information on this one of a kind event as we get deeper into the planning process!

We’ve done a couple of different posts geared towards brides on helpful tips for attending bridal shows (here & here!), so today we thought we’d given some suggestions specifically for vendors and businesses on how to get the most out of a bridal show!

Make Connections!
Photo: Amanda Manupella Photography
This seems like an obvious tip, right?! Well, when we say make connections, we aren’t just talking about with potential clients…we’re talking about with fellow vendors as well! In the event industry it is so important to connect with other vendors for referral business (and general support + friendship as well!). What happens if a photographer in Coastal Virginia gets an inquiry for a date that they already have booked? They aren’t just going to reply “sorry, I’m booked” they are going to REFER them to another great photographer that they know! Making connections is crucial, friends!

Showcase Your Expertise!
Photo: Kirstyn Marie Photography
Take advantage of this one of a kind bridal show and display your talent and design aesthetic in a visual way! You want potential clients to see what your company is all about and how their ideas fit in with what you can provide for them! A bridal show is definitely the time to bring your “A” game! Having a booth that stands out from other vendors and announces what you do is a great way to grab immediate attention!

Create/Follow Up With Leads!
Photo: Kirstyn Marie Photography
Having some sort of “lead” tracker at your table/booth is very important! Whether it be an iPad or guest book, you want something to track important information like name, phone number, wedding date, and email! On the other hand, following up is just as important as capturing the information in the first place! If someone is willing to give their personal information, they are likely very interested in what they’ve seen from your company!

Talk! (About Them)
Photo: Caitlin Gerres Photography

Bridal shows are all about socializing with potential clients, but one thing that is very important is to make sure you are talking about “them” instead of all about “you!” Of course it’s crucial that they know about you, your company, and what you can provide for them, but clients want to feel like you’re interested in them as well! Trust us, brides love to talk about their wedding, so ask them questions – “when did you get engaged?” or “where are you having your wedding?” are great! You will likely have some experience/knowledge on their venue, so use that opportunity to show your expertise as well!

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