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Have you registered for A Crystal Clear Vision 2018 yet? If not, you need to visit our homepage and get on it! Not only can you view fully set reception table, meet the areas best vendors, and explore linen, floral, and lighting designs, but we also feature a lot of our newest specialty linen inventory! There will be table designs styled with many different budgets in mind, so today we thought it’d be helpful to give you our top tips on how to maximize your specialty linen picks, along with some steps to ensure you pull the look off flawlessly!

Use Specialty AND Basic Linens
The top tip we could give when it comes to maximizing specialty linens is to mix & match! Alternating between specialty linens and basic linens on your tables is the perfect way to create a luxury look while also saving you money! This simple tip will give you an expensive feel at your event as well as a nice blend of linens!

Now that we know mixing & matching specialty linens and basic linens is the way to go…how do we achieve this look?

1. Pick Your Color Scheme
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This is the most important step! Deciding on your color palette will get the ball rolling and allow you to see what speciality and basic linen options there are that compliment one another.

2. Decide On Your Speciality Linen(s)
unspecified-51Caitlin Gerres Photography
Deciding on your speciality linen is the next step! Since this linen (or linens) will create the “wow” factor at your event, picking these will come before your basic linen.

3. Pick Your Basic Linens
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When choosing your basic linen, make sure to take note of any colors or textures in your speciality linen(s)! This will be a good guide when deciding on what basics you want to have.

4. Combine
Caitlin Gerres Photography
Finally, it’s time to combine everything! Take our top tip (mixing & matching) and see how everything comes together!

If you’re looking for more table design inspiration, keep checking back for updates on our annual A Crystal Clear Vision show, and don’t forget to register!

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