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Today we are super pumped to talk about bridal shows! When you’re in the wedding and event industry, you’ll often hear people refer to different points in the year as “seasons.” You know…wedding season, booking season, slow season, etc. Well, we’ve been gearing up for bridal show season! While you could probably find a few bridal shows going on throughout the year, the large majority of the shows happen between January-March. This time frame is sort of considered the “off-season” for most wedding and event professionals and the time when they are eager to meet and book potential clients for the year! We absolutely love bridal shows and meeting sweet new brides and clients who want to utilize our linens for their big day!
12342443_937520382951886_854220292090857088_nIf you’re new to the bridal show game, we’ve put together a little “frequently asked questions” of sorts to help you along with the chaos that is bridal show season!

What Bridal Shows Should I Attend?
Obviously, you HAVE to check out the A Crystal Clear Vision event (exciting details to come!), but check out this awesome list of 2016 bridal shows in Hampton Roads. You can’t go wrong in attending any of these shows and you will definitely find the best of the best Hampton Roads vendors! VOW Bridal Show is always a huge event…remember when Waterford won Best in Show & People’s Choice Awards?!

Should I Bring Anything?
Yes, pre-printed address labels! Nearly every vendor will ask for your contact information in order to enter you into a drawing to win a special prize or discount on their services! Additionally, if you decide to use a particular vendor right then and there, they will need your contact information to set up a meeting or to send you more information. Trust us, you do NOT want to write down your name and email address hundreds of times!

How Much Time Will I Spend at Bridal Show?
Honestly, the amount of time you will end up spending at a bridal show is really dependent on how many vendors you’re looking to see. If you already have over half of your wedding vendors locked down, you will obviously spend way less time than someone who has none! We think 2-3 hours is a good time estimate. This will give you enough time to visit with many vendors to see the endless options you have!

Who Should I Bring With Me?
This can be a tricky decision! Personally, we recommend keeping your bridal show posse on the smaller side…maybe just you and 2 other people. You will probably want to invite those that are actually in your wedding party or people that have been heavily involved in helping you plan! These are the people that will be able to offer their opinions and thoughts about the manymany choices you will have in front of you!

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