We’re back for another Waterford Wednesday!
Remember a couple weeks ago when we blogged about “Bridal Show Season” and answered a few frequently asked questions? Well, our post was such a hit that we’ve compiled a few more tips and tricks that will really come in handy for all you brides (and grooms!) to be! We are fresh off participating in the Uniquely Yours Bridal Showcase and we can’t wait to be a part of many more of the awesome bridal shows Hampton Roads puts on each year, especially our very own A Crystal Clear Vision at Mayapalooza!

Now for some helpful little tips & tricks. . .

Ask Questions!
Don’t be afraid to ask questions…and a lot of them! Oftentimes, people will rush by every booth and not get solid information about services that they still need. Don’t let that be you! Vendors participate in these shows specifically to help YOU and answer any questions you may have…utilize that! Each vendor wants to impress YOU with their knowledge of their particular specialty, which is something you definitely want to take advantage of!

Register Online
Registering online is a great way to not only save some time at the door, but it can also save you a couple dollars! Nearly all bridal shows offer a cheaper price if you register beforehand. Additionally, by registering online, you are able to browse through the event website and you’ll likely be able to see a full list of all of the participating vendors…bonus

Wedding Email
This little tip goes along with our “should I bring anything” frequently asked question. We mentioned that bringing pre-printed labels with your contact information would be so helpful and save you a lot of time. Setting up an email address through a free service such as gmail or yahoo that is specifically for your wedding needs is a great idea as well! It’ll keep you super organized and all of your bridal show information will be sent to one central location!

Look Around!
12507088_955587777811813_2766985313346533345_nYou might be a bit confused on what “look around” means, but just hear us out! Bridal shows can prove to be a little overwhelming and sometimes you might find yourself stopping at different booths, but not actually looking at them. Don’t do this! An important tidbit to remember is that each vendor booth is a direct reflection on the product or service that they offer. For this reason alone, it is important to really look and see how they represent themselves and if it’s consistent with what you want for your big day!

Have A Plan
Finally, like any good wedding coordinator would tell you…have a plan of attack! This one is a pretty simple tip and one that could end up saving you a lot of time! Going into a bridal show you should start navigating towards the vendors that you still need to book for your day. Additionally, you don’t want to spend too much time at a vendor that you’ve either already booked or have no interest in booking. Free samples aren’t worth your precious time ladies!

We hope these few extra bridal show tips were helpful! Check back in with us this Feature Friday for a full list of our current A Crystal Clear Vision sponsors and participants!
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