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A few weeks ago we talked about late fall/wintertime being our busy booking season, and today we’re going to give some tips on a large aspect of booking season: bridal shows! Not only are bridal shows beneficial for brides/grooms, but they are a great opportunity for us, event companies, to give out information and ideas! We’ve been a part of A TON of bridal shows, and even hosted our own, so today is all about just a few tips that we think will be useful the next time you attend a show!
Photo Feb 23, 10 36 05 AMWaterford at the 2014 VOW Bridal Event

Be Prepared
Preparation is key! Attending bridal shows isn’t supposed to be stressful, but it can certainly become overwhelming with the amount of information/vendors present. Many businesses will have information sign up sheets that require you to fill out some basic information, so doing something as simple as printing out labels with your name, wedding date/venue, & email address will save you the stress of having to fill out that information multiple times by hand!

Check It All Out
The whole idea of a bridal show is to give you ideas for your big day, so scoping out all of the vendors is an absolute must! During these shows, many vendors will offer awesome promotional opportunities specifically for the bridal show attendees, so you don’t want to miss out on that!

Ask Questions
Don’t be afraid to ask questions! Oftentimes, people will rush by every booth and not get solid information about services that they still need. Don’t let that be you! Vendors participate in these shows specifically to help you and answer any questions you may have, utilize that!

Last but not least, ENJOY! A bridal show is just another step in the fun planning process, so soak it all up!

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