Happy Waterford Wednesday and Thanksgiving Eve, friends!
We are so excited about these next few holiday-heavy months coming up – it really is the best time of the year! While many of us will get to relax and enjoy time with our families, we can’t forget that there are still many events happening around this time too. The holidays can be overwhelming in themselves and adding in an event can become expensive. From linens, venue, dress, flowers, etc. there are so many decisions and expenses to think about. Sometimes, brides tend to cut linen rentals completely out of their budget because they don’t think that it will make that big of a difference. Obviously, we disagree with this! If you’re looking to still utilize some gorgeous linens/rentals in your wedding without going over budget, we’ve combined some tips just for you!

Embrace Table Runners & Overlays
It seems like table runners and overlays are often overlooked when picking linens for weddings. We carry MANY different colors and patterns in both of these linens, and they could really be your saving grace when it comes to cost! If the venue you choose offers complimentary base linens, throwing a table runner or overlay on top will give your table that pop of color and pattern, yet won’t have you over your budget as they are significantly less expensive than a full table linen. Table runners even look great on tables without a linen underneath!

Add Accent Tables Throughout
Photo: Erika Mills Photography

We absolutely love our specialty linens, but they can definitely become pricey if used on every single table. To save on costs without jeopardizing the overall beautiful look of your wedding, using basic linens and then alternating some tables with specialty linens is an excellent idea! It will create a great visual appeal of the whole room and will give guests many different eye-catching views.

Get The Most Out Of Your Chairs
Photo: David Champagne Photography
Choosing a chair that you can use for both the ceremony and reception is a great way to save a bit of cash! Of course you will want to check that your venue can accommodate a quick changeover during cocktail hour, though!

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