Happy Waterford Wednesday!

When Waterford was still a brand new company, we solely provided chair covers and a few colors of sashes. To say that we have worked up quite the sash collection would be an understatement! We offer many different color options in organza, chiffon, satin, pintuck, and so many more!

Photo: Caitlin Gerres Photography

Our Ivory Chiffon Sashes are one of our most stunning sash options! The sheer and lightweight look and feel of this sash adds the perfect delicate, soft touch to any event! Since the chiffon sashes are generally larger in size, they look beautiful when placed on a chiavari (or similar) type of chair. The draping effect that the sashes have when placed on a chair creates an elegant touch that many brides who are having a black tie wedding appreciate! The chiffon fabric is so easy to shape and work with, that many tie options can be achieved! We personally love the “weaved” look that multiple chiffon sashes create on a chair!

Photo: Jessica Ryan Photography

Even though we talk a lot about specialty linens, sashes can equally be the “pop” of color or “wow” piece of your event as well! If you plan on using basic white linens, including a sash on your chairs is the perfect opportunity to incorporate your wedding or event colors! We have SO many different sash fabric options and colors that finding the perfect match to your colors is no problem! Choosing a sash tie, whether it be a traditional bow or a unique tie will bring a gorgeous uniformity to your entire event!

Photo: Chelsea Anderson Photography

We love to see our sashes at weddings that we provide linens for. They really bring an overall elegant and classic feel to the event!

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