Happy Waterford Wednesday!
Last week our Feature Friday was all about the many colors of our Polyester linens, so we thought we’d share some of favorite ideas for choosing the right linen colors for your event! Of course, linens are the focal point of our company, but color is what really elevates our linens!

Get Inspired!
Design //Palette of Petals
One word: Pinterest! Planning any big event can be stressful enough without having to think about what color scheme you’re going to want, but with social media sites such as Pinterest, countless ideas and designs can be at your fingertips! Searching through various visual collections will give you ideas on attractive color combinations as well as give you a sense of what colors you are drawn to.

Accentuate White!
CCVision3HR-1024x682Photo // David Schwartz Photography
Design // Isha Foss Events

White is a standard color for many events, as that is what most people use as the base for their guest tables. White is crisp and clean, but it doesn’t always have to be basic. Adding major pops of color on white is the perfect way to add attention! Whether it be table runners in chevron, or napkins in varying shades of pink, accentuate the white!

Color Tones & Shades Matter!
It’s important to be aware of the various shades of the same color! Although it may not seem like there is a huge difference between “light blue” and “royal blue,” there is! The perfect shade can take your event from light and romantic to dramatic and bold.

Be Different!
10526065_783031331727925_7611481411990904763_nPhoto // Sean Holder Photography
Don’t let the “norm” get in the way of what you like. Just because you’re having a winter event doesn’t mean you can’t include summer colors! Choose colors that you love and that will leave a lasting impression of your event! Often times, colors that aren’t frequently used together come together beautifully when mixed correctly.

We hope these fun tips help in creating some awesome color ideas for your next event!
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