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Over here at Waterford Events Rentals we have some hard working gals!  One in particular who makes so much happen and is truly a gem is Heather Philbrick, our January’s Employee of the Month!  Because of her desire to continuously improve WER’s organization, methodology, and overall moral, WER has unanimously decided to nominate her for this employee spotlight.  Like seriously, what would we do without her?


Photography : Julie Clyde Creative

Serving as one of our Lead Event Staff AND our sole Inventory Specialist, she has a LOT going on everyday!  Since moving into our new warehouse a few months ago, she has literally transformed it, organizing it by color, type of linen, style, etc.  Check it out for yourself below:

In case you haven’t had an opportunity to meet Heather during one of our set-ups or even had to the time to visit to our new warehouse, here she is, front and center, for y’all to get to know:

What drew you to WER originally?

“Weddings have always had my heart.  I remember feeling jealous after seeing posts on social media of the ‘Waterford girls’ at bridal shows as well as setting up for weddings.  I loved how they looked like one big happy family!”

How has WER helped you in your career development?

“Working at WER has helped me grow in so many ways!  I would say the biggest thing I’ve learned is to not be afraid to take initiative and to have a ‘whatever it takes’ mentality.  When I was a senior at Old Dominion University, Alyse helped me get an internship with Crystal at Cherry Blossom Planning Factory.  From there, I have been able to expand my knowledge of the event industry even more!”

What is your fav part about working for WER?

“The best part about working for WER is setting up for events on the weekends.  I love seeing all of the vendors hard work come together for someone’s special day.”

How has WER changed since you started working there?

“When I first started working at WER, all of our inventory was crunched into two small warehouses.  We recently moved into our new warehouse and it’s so much bigger!  Most importantly, I have so much more space to ORGANIZE!!!”

What is your fav product and/or linen at WER?

“My fav linen is Champagne Aphrodite!”  Take a look for yourself below and see why it’s Heather’s fav:

What’s next?  What’s your goal in life?

“My dream is to become a wedding planner and/or manage a wedding venue…possibly even own/build my own!”

What are three words to describe WER?

“Personable, creative, and detail-oriented.”  WER seeks to build connections and make dreams come to life through our products and linens!

What advice do you have for prospective candidates who want to work for WER?

“My advice for anyone looking to join the WER team is to learn to be adaptable!  Every set-up is different.  Some days you need to work very fast, while some days things don’t go as planned.  At the end of the day, you need to be able to do whatever it takes to get the job done and make the client happy…without panicking!”


Let’s all send a special shout-out to Heather for being such a hard-working and faithful employee since she joined our team over three years ago!  Congrats Heather on a job well done and for being WER’s Employee of the Month for January!

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