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With the holidays quickly approaching and our busy fall events coming to an end, it’s time for us to start transitioning into our next busy time period: booking season! Booking season is one of our favorite times! We obviously love the fast-paced, exciting feel of having many events, but we also really enjoy the slower winter months when we have many of our design meetings for the following year! Table designs are such an important aspect of your big day, so today we’re sharing some great tips on how to create the perfect style for your event to make it unforgettable!

Simple & Understated
Fresh, clean, and uncomplicated! Every event is unique with it’s own style, and if you’re someone who believes that “less is more,” a simple and understated event style is the perfect option! Choosing from our basic table linens in neutral colors is the perfect way to achieve this particular feel. A table cloth in white or ivory would be a great starting point and adding a table runner or overlay in a similar neutral tone would bring the table together elegantly, yet understated! The addition of a white or ivory chair cover with a neutral sash would round out your event perfectly!

Extravagant & Glamorous
While some people like basic and simple, others believe that if you’re going to throw an event, you better go big! If an expensive look and feel is what you’re going for, an extravagant and glamorous design is the way to go! Choosing from our specialty linens would be a great starting point for creating the perfect “glam” look. Adding a pop of sequins, whether it be in a table runner, overlay, or full length table linen is an obvious necessity to round out your lavish event! Instead of choosing a basic white or ivory table linen, a gorgeous full length satin or pintuck would make for a stunning overall look! Of course, a “wow” centerpiece is a MUST with your glam linens!

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