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Unless you’re in the wedding or event industry, you may not know the various fabric choices that are available, and believe it or not, the different fabric types can elevate or better explain the concept of your event. There are so many different types of fabrics to play with and each set their own tone. Today we are breaking down some of our favorite fabrics and giving you the scoop on our most popular choices!

Polyester – Polyester is a go-to linen for many events. Often used as a base linen in standard colors such as white, ivory, and black (but gorgeous in other colors as well!), this fabric is durable, crisp, and perfect to build off of!
Photo: Crystal Belcher Photography

Organza – This delicate and sheer fabric is classic at weddings, and can definitely give off a romantic and airy vibe to whatever table it is used on. Organza is beautiful when used on sashes, and is a common fabric for table overlays due to the linen underneath remaining  mostly visible creating a complimentary tablescape!
Photo: Dragon Photography Studio

Satin – If you’re looking for a romantic and elegant vibe at your event, satin is the fabric for you! The glossy look and texture creates an expensive overall feel for your event and is a popular sash fabric choice for those wanting to dress up their event chairs!
Photo: Sean Holder Photography

Lace – Lace is one of our favorite transitional fabric choices! We see it used a lot in the summer and fall months, and as such a delicate fabric it works for many different areas of your event. Lace is definitely a fabric that brings a softness to whatever table it’s included on!
Photo: David Champagne Photography

Pintuck – Pintuck is such an underrated fabric that we absolutely adore! Though it’s not used as often, this crisp and unique fabric is stunning as a stand-alone fabric, or paired with another and will give your tables an overall stylish feel!
Photo: Dragon Photography Studio

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