Were excited to dive into today’s post because it’s all about an aspect of Waterford that is very important to all of us, our internship program! We believe that real working exposure and networking in the event world is an invaluable learning experience, and our internship program is tailored around this!

Our wedding and event internship positions are open to Sophomore, Junior, and Senior applicants at accredited colleges/universities each semester for class, practicum/internship, or college credit. Our intern will assist with both office work and on site execution of events and have the ability to gain hands-on experience by attending design meetings with clients, emailing clients, updating social media outlets, and setting up/breaking down events. Qualifications for the internship program include desire to work in the event industry (of course!), a 2.5 GPA or higher, and week-day availability.

Read about the experience of some of our past Waterford interns below, including how our program has helped our interns get jobs after their internship at top Hampton Roads vendors!
 Starting in the event industry as an intern at Waterford Event Rentals was truly the perfect path for me. Unknowingly, it was the start of a new journey which lead to the dedication, drive, and passion I have today. Throughout the course of my internship I learned a plethora of communication and hospitality skills; beyond more than I ever expected. As an intern, I expanded my horizons and before I even realized, I was attending networking events and mingling with other professionals in the industry; if you take anything away from your experience with Waterford Event Rentals, it should be to soak all of that up. My time there was nothing short of amazing. It was challenging and thrilling, but I would not change any of it. To this day they are some of my biggest supporters while I chase my industry dreams.
— Kaci Parker, 2015 Fall Intern — Photo: Caitlin Gerres Photography

Being an intern at Waterford Event Rentals has turned me into the person I am today! I had the most rewarding experience being the 2016 Summer intern. I was able to get my hands into learning the products in the warehouse, to shadowing Rebecca’s design meetings, to going to networking events and more. I even got to shadow an Event Planner and a Catering & Sales Manager to help me figure out what direction I wanted to go in with my career. Rebecca and Alyse really helped me learn all aspects of the event industry and they helped me figure out exactly where I wanted to be. I just couldn’t leave after my internship came to an end, and I was very fortunate that I was offered a full time job as Administrative Coordinator with Waterford Event Rentals!
— Brigitte Bradshaw, 2016 Summer Intern — Photo: Kirstyn Marie Photography
When I first started interning at Waterford Event Rentals, I thought it would just be something fun to do while getting college credits, but what it lead to was me finding what I was passionate about, the Event Industry. I had seen the other side of events when I worked at a Yacht Club as a server, but the preparation for events is something completely different. It takes so much time, hard work, and an open mind to make an event happen. Waterford really taught me so much about this amazing industry. They allowed me to attend networking events, help plan and execute Bridal Shows, make monthly newsletters, and even helped me find a job after college! Most young adults after college don’t have a job (in the field they want) and are looking for months, but with the help of the lovely ladies at Waterford, I landed a job right out of the gate. I am now a Catering Sales Manager at one of the nicest venues in the area, and I LOVE IT! This company is more than just that, it’s a family who are my forever friends!
Kiersten Sydnor, 2017 Spring Intern — Photo: Jessica Ryan Photography

Does our internship program sound like the perfect fit for you? If so, drop us a note at employment{at}waterfordeventrentals.com​!

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