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Among our staff we have an amazing team who always works so hard to make every event special! Today we wanted to highlight the internship opportunities we have. We are looking for interested college students ready to jump right into the event world. Take a look below for some information on our Summer 2021 Internship Position. Every season we hire a college intern with the goal of giving them tools and skills that can be used for the rest of their career.

During your internship you will learn the behind the scenes details of what the event rental world is like! Also, you will learn how Waterford is different than other local event rental companies, and trust us there’s a lot of reasons! But also you will be a vital part in our bridal show productions: Crystal Clear Vision & The Summer Social.You’ll gain valuable product information and event knowledge that is incredibly useful for a future in the event industry. You’ll spend time with us behind the scenes in the warehouse & out and about on event setups. But you’ll get to be in the office learning the marketing & sales side of things too! We love being able to offer these internships & look forward to meeting some great candidates this year!! 2021 is planned to be a busy one so we’re looking forward to an awesome intern sure to help us get the job done this summer!Sandra Leigh Photography

We are currently looking for interns who are excited and committed to learning about the event industry. This is a great opportunity to get exposure to things that can help in the future, if you think this position is perfect for you read our 2021 Summer Internship Information Sheet for more information!

TO APPLY !! Send your resume to employment@waterfordeventrentals.com!

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