It’s Waterford Wednesday!
As with every blog post leading up to our big event, we have to mention that A Crystal Clear Vision is now less than a month away! There are exciting new additions being added to the event each day, so this is definitely a show you don’t want to miss out on!
One of the great things about A Crystal Clear Vision is that you get to see a whole range of Waterford linens and products. You’ll see some of our go-to standard linens, as well as our beloved high quality specialty linens – all in one area! As wedding industry professionals, we understand that each and every person has a different budget for their wedding, so it’s important to us to be sure we provide a wide array of linens at different price points. Today we’re going to show you how your event can shine with linens whether you have a small or large linen budget.

ombre-napkinsPhoto: Amanda Hedgepeth Photography
If you have a modest linen budget, there are so many different combinations that you can take advantage of, without going over your budget. Napkins are always one of our favorite ways to dress up a table at a lower cost! Using one of our basic polyester linens is another way to make your tables look clean and put together without spending a lot of money. If you get lucky with a venue that will provide your base linens, you could get away with renting some gorgeous table runners that could bring color and texture to your design at a lower price point as well!

wedding-photography-583-of-863Photo: Crystal Belcher Photography
If you’re a bride that has carved out a higher linen budget for your wedding, there is a lot more wiggle room to get creative with your design! The use of full length linens on every table come into play, as well as the option of utilizing specialty linens on some of your more important tables such as your sweetheart and cake table. Plate chargers are another visually appealing product that you could think about including with a standard/higher-end linen budget!

blacktiesheratonvirginiabeachwedding-205Photo: Caitlin Gerres Photography
If linens are one of the most important components to you at your wedding, there are so many options to make your design look expensive and lavish! The option to use specialty linens on all of your tables comes into play, as well as napkins and plate chargers to bring the whole look together. You can experiment with layering different linens to bring an added interesting component as well. With a higher budget for linens and products, looking into renting chiavari chairs for your event becomes another potential possibility that will make the whole room look extravagant and thoughtfully put together!

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