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You may remember when we did a Waterford Wednesday Napkin post a couple months ago where we highlighted three of our most requested/popular napkin folds. Napkins are a great linen choice for clients who want to add a little something extra to their tables without having to spend a ton of money. Today we thought we’d highlight some more interesting and visual napkin folds that could stand alone as the star of the table, or enhance a gorgeous table linen!

Secured In The Center
This particular napkin fold is so simple, yet looks so elegant! Creating this fold is super easy, but will have your guests thinking you spent a lot of time perfecting each and every one! There are so many options when it comes to securing the napkin in the center, and a jeweled or sparkly napkin ring is our favorite! If you’re having a “rustic” inspired event, tying a piece of twine around the center would be an adorable addition!

Heart Fold
At one of our weddings last winter, the bride requested a heart-shaped napkin fold and it proved to be such a cute and charming addition to the tables! The heart fold is so visually interesting and completely different from any traditional napkin fold. This is definitely a great napkin choice if you have polyester napkins and are looking to incorporate a unique touch!

Triple Pocket
We love this triple pocket napkin fold! It is similar to a regular menu fold, but the three pockets make for a nice layered look! There are a lot of options that you could utilize with this particular fold. We like how the above picture just has a simple menu in the front fold, so the guests can appreciate the look of the other pockets. Folding the napkin horizontally makes for wider pockets which would be perfect if you have larger menus!

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