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We can’t believe that this is one of our last posts before Christmas…the holiday season sure did sneak up on us this year! With many of the Christmas parties winding down, the next big celebration is ringing in 2016 and we’ve compiled some linen and color scheme inspiration to make your party extra special and memorable!

Black & White
View More: http://chelseaandersonphotography.pass.us/acrystalcleareventBlack and white is always a good idea when you’re looking for a modern grown up color scheme for any party and we absolutely adore any type of pattern in a linen! Put a touch of golden glitter into the mix and you’ve got yourself a gorgeous New Year’s Eve party color scheme that’ll be unexpected, yet loved by your guests.

 Sparkle, Sparkle, Sparkle
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When thinking of a traditional New Year’s Eve color scheme, sparkle and sequins are the first thing that come to mind. This color scheme is one that is the basis for most parties and we can totally see why! Sequins are fun, bright, and give off the perfect party vibe…which is exactly what ringing in the New Year should!

Pop of Color
View More: http://chelseaandersonphotography.pass.us/acrystalcleareventAh, a good ol’ pop of color…this might be our favorite New Year’s Eve inspiration yet! Using a “basic” New Year’s Eve color, such as black, and adding a bright “pop of color” is the perfect way to elevate your party! Utilizing your pop of color in your table decor will really bring your party to a new level, beyond the basic golds and silvers!

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Photo 1: Chelsea Anderson Photography // Luxe & Luna Couture
Photo 2: Memories by Mere Photography // Dreams 2 Reality
Photo 3: Chelsea Anderson Photography // MorLina Events