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If you follow us on Facebook, you likely saw this video that we shared last week. Crystal with Cherry Blossom Planning Factory stopped by the Waterford office and talked all things linens with Rebecca! Some of the topics included how to add color, texture, and depth with linens as well as some of the trends we’ve seen come and go over the years. We thought it’d be a good idea to bounce off that topic and talk about some helpful tips for picking the best linens/colors for your event!

Consider the Season
Photo: Caitlin Gerres Photography
Like Rebecca mentions in the video, considering the season can be a big factor in determining the best linen colors for your event – especially if you’re wanting the event to follow the season it will be held in. Peaches and corals paired with Tiffany blues are perfect for summer, while berries and eggplants paired with blush are great for fall!

Get Inspiration
2016-09-04_0056Photo: Andrew & Tianna Photography
Getting inspired is a huge tip when it comes to deciding on linens! Planning any big event can be stressful enough without having to think about what color scheme you’re going to want! But, lucky for you, there are SO MANY bridal magazines and wedding websites/blogs where countless ideas and designs can be at your fingertips! Searching through various visual collections will give you ideas on attractive color combinations as well as give you a sense of what colors you are drawn to.

Embrace White & Neutrals!
Photo: Chelsea Anderson Photography 

Many think that white linens are too “basic” but they don’t have to be! White is a standard color for many events, as that is what most people use as the base for their guest tables. Don’t underestimate how crisp, clean, and sharp white is! Major pops of color or texture on white is the perfect way to add attention! Whether it be rosette on mesh table runners, or napkins in varying shades, accentuate the white!

Be Different!
Photo: Caitlin Gerres Photography
Don’t let the “norm” get in the way of what you like. Choose colors/textures/patterns that you love and that will leave a lasting impression of your event! Often times, colors that aren’t frequently used together come together beautifully when mixed correctly. At the end of the day, this is YOUR event!

Make sure to check out the full video to get some helpful tips/insight directly from Rebecca!

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