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Although many of our clients come in for design consultations related to wedding linens specifically, we love when we get to help out with more intimate gatherings – like dinner parties! While there is a bit of planning involved when it comes to dinner parties, you shouldn’t feel overwhelmed or intimidated at the idea! We’ve rounded up a few helpful tips and processes that will make the whole experience feel like a breeze!

Gather Essentials
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Make sure that you have all the essentials you need! From table linens and napkins, plate chargers, chairs, and more – you don’t want to miss anything! Walk through your event from start to finish and make sure you have all aspects covered. Feel like you don’t even know where to start when gathering essential linens and items for your event? Don’t worry, that’s what Waterford is here for! We are happy to set up a design consultation to think through the essentials of what rentals you need to make your party a success.

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Now it’s time to put your good taste to work! By this point, you’ve hopefully found the perfect linens, so now it’s time to incorporate your theme throughout with floral arrangements and other complementary design pieces! While you’re in the assembly process, make sure to keep your guests in mind. Do they have enough space to comfortably sit at the table? Do they have all necessary glass/flatware?

Be Creative
Photo: Audrey Rose Photography
When hosting friends and family members, remember that they want to enjoy this party as much as you do! It is ok to get creative and do something bold or different. Have you been dying to try out some different lighting options? Do it! Do you want to make a statement with a cool backdrop piece? Go for it! Whatever you decide to incorporate, it will be a great conversation starter and something unique to present!

Last, but not least, it’s time to enjoy! Sitting back and actually enjoying the evening that you have carefully crafted is vital! Allow yourself to take a deep breath and actually look at the wonderful event you’ve assembled. Don’t worry about the little details out of place (that nobody will even notice!). Remember the reason you wanted to host the dinner in the first place: to celebrate with good people!

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