Weddings are expensive!  You might have heard that rumor a time or two, but let’s be real, an average wedding can run up a tab of $30,000 easy.  Because of this daunting statistic, you might be wondering how can you cut costs.  What can I eliminate or reduce to bring the expenses down?  Well, if you’ve done some research, you might even ponder the thought of saving a few dollars by buying your linens, rather than renting them.  At first glance, this seems like a reasonable and cost effective solution.  However, when choosing to buy, you miss out on all of the added bonus that come along with coordinating with a third-party vendor like Waterford Event Rentals (WER):

1. We go the extra mile – From the moment you place your order with WER, we work to make sure your day is truly unforgettable. It starts with reviewing our inventory, ensuring we have the right amount of table cloths, runners, sashes, chair covers, and chairs to make your special day come to life.  Once prepared, we can personally deliver and set up on the day of your wedding, steaming the wrinkles out and providing extras in case a minor last-minute change is made.

No wrinkles & no set up! Talk about a win-win!

Photo: Caroline Lima Photography

2. The clean-up is easy – No need to fret about the clean-up! We’ve got you covered.  After your event has winded down, our team can personally return the rentals to our warehouse.  Talk about a stress-free service!

We clean up the mess, just make sure to look your best!

Photo: Caroline Lima Photography

3. Our products are of highest quality – Before even renting or distributing our products out, we guarantee that they are pristine. Reviewing the longevity, usefulness, and trends of the market prove to be key factors in determining our inventory.  You can count on us to make sure that our little touches of color and sparkle to your tables and chairs will definitely add to the atmosphere and character of your event!

So much elegance!

Photos: Caitlin Gerres Photography

As you can see, the small difference in price between buying and renting your linens, chairs, and decorative features really goes a long way!  When it comes down to it, would you rather save a few dollars and have paper thin, wrinkled, and cheaply-made linens or spend the extra bucks renting from a quality, high-end event rentals company like WER?  Trust us, we are without-a-doubt a worthwhile investment in bringing your event to life!


Let us help make your event elegant and stress-free! We promise, renting is worth it!
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