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Today’s post is all about how little things can make a big impression! Table runners are one of our favorite ways to add a little extra spunk to any table and really are a great way to provide character and color to make any table design extra eye catching.  They also work as great contrasts or backgrounds for any floral arrangements or centerpieces! Here are a few of our favorite, funky table runners:



Photography: Caitlin Gerres Photography


Our natural runners are a great way to spruce up any table! They are the perfect combination of classic, romantic, and chic so you can dress them up or keep it casual. These runners can bring a boho chic style with basic table linens or can really add a “pop” with any colored or textured table. Either way, the natural runner is a great accent to any design!



Photography: Amanda Manupella


Another classy favorite of ours are our velvet runners! They come in an array of colors to choose from, the rose quartz runner here really shows the difference a table runner can make. Table runners don’t always have to be used to accent other pieces of the table, but can be used to celebrate the table itself! Whether keeping things simple or adding a fun color to the tables design, our elegant velvet table runners are great for any event!



Photography: Caitlin Gerres Photography


The macramé runners are one of our favorite funky pieces! With a rise in rustic, beach theme, or bohemian inspired weddings these runners are the perfect edition. When paired with a basic table or a specialty linen it can really accentuate the table design. No matter what you’re looking for, our macramé runners are a great way to add texture to any table!



Photography: Tara Liebeck Photography


We can’t forget about our Sequin runners! We love to talk about how much we love the sequins, but they really speak for themselves. Their modern elegance is guaranteed to make any table sparkle! We love that they can transform basic table linens into captivating table settings! If you are looking for that extra glam for your table, our sequin runners were made just for you!


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