It’s Waterford Wednesday!
Today’s post is all about how to add a fresh splash of fun to your table decor! Table runners are one of our absolute favorite ways to spruce up any table and truly are an inventive way to add color, texture, and visual interest to your table designs. They also create gorgeous backgrounds for any centerpieces/floral arrangements you are incorporating on your table as well! Here are some of our favorite, fun table runners:

Floral Lace
Photo: Caitlin Gerres Photography
We just absolutely adore these Floral Lace table runners! They are the perfect mix of unique, romantic, and classic which makes them such a versatile linen! The intricate floral detail on the runners is so visually appealing that they would look great as a standalone linen on your table, or create a table design with many different textures like the table above!

Rosette on Mesh
View More: http://leighskaggs.pass.us/jennabob-weddingPhoto: Leigh Skaggs Photography
Not only is our Rosette on Mesh gorgeous in a full length linen, but we adore it as a runner too! There are so many ways to utilize this runner, whether it be understated with a basic table linen as the base or more glamorous with a sequin linen as the base. Either way, the Rosette runner brings the perfect amount of texture to the table!

Black + White Stripe
We absolutely adore our Black + White Stripe runners! These particular table runners are so versatile and often serve as the “pop” or “wow” piece of the table setting due to the pattern. The gorgeous floral arrangements on the table as well as the pops of gold from our glass beaded chargers were the perfect pairing with the black + white stripes!
Did you know?: We also have these striped runners in Navy + White! Our clients planning a “nautical themed” event adore them! 

Photo: Dragon Studio
There’s no way we could forget about our sequins table runners! We could go on and on about our love of all things sequins, but the linens speak for themselves! We love the way that our sequins runners can transform a basic white table linen into a glamorous table setting or amplify a specialty linen even more! If you’re looking for that little touch of sparkle, our sequins table runners provide just the right amount!

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