It’s Waterford Wednesday!
Today is all about different table options! With any event that you’re hosting, there are many different table layouts and options that can be used in order to fully bring your ideal concept to life! While it may not seem like an important decision, the right mixture of tables can make an event that much more memorable. Here are a few of our favorite table types for any event!

1. Long Tables
Photo // Amanda Hedgepeth Photography
We are huge fans of long tables at weddings! There are a variety of ways to utilize long tables, but the most popular is definitely for bridal party seating. Having one long table that seats many of the most important guests at your wedding is an excellent way to create a more family-style feel! Placing long tables at the head of the room, or the middle is what we’ve seen works best!

2. Cocktail Tables
1272368_10100639908799767_1969158894_oPhoto // Rebecca Keeling Studios
While cocktail tables aren’t used for seating guests around them, they are the perfect tables for guests to socialize around. The height and smaller dimension of these tables makes it easy to circulate in an open area freely, while also having a place to set a drink or eat some small bites! We love to dress cocktail tables in a basic linen with a gorgeous sash tied in a bow. After all, cocktail hour is a prelude to what guests can expect at the reception!

3. Round Tables
unnamedPhoto // Kirstyn Marie Photography
Of course, we can’t forget about the classic round tables! Round tables really are the perfect tables for any event! Seating at a round table allows for guests to have conversations with everyone at the table and provides a friendly atmosphere where everyone can enjoy looking at the layout of the event as a whole! Since round tables have become the traditional style of table seen at events, the linens and decor used to dress them becomes very important! You want to set your event apart from every other one!

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