Happy Waterford Wednesday!
Today, it’s all about the Waterford Team and we are pretty excited about that! Being an event rental company, our linens are the star of the show most of the time, but we love and appreciate every single staff member and know that without each individuals talent that Waterford just wouldn’t be the same!
View More: http://robkorbphotography.pass.us/waterford-2014Remember a few weeks ago we mentioned that we had the fabulous Rob Korb of Rob Korb Photography shoot some updated group shots and head shots for our website? Well, we’ve updated the About Us section of our website and we are thrilled to finally show off the faces behind Waterford! Often times, many of you will see 2 or 3 of us scurrying around in our black shirts and signature sparkly vans at various events, but don’t get the chance to get to know each of us individually! As the weeks progress we can’t wait to share more stories about each person! This wedding season has been the busiest that we’ve ever experienced, so it’s been so important for us to build a strong team and we’ve be really fortunate to have found a great balance between every person!
View More: http://robkorbphotography.pass.us/waterford-2014View More: http://robkorbphotography.pass.us/waterford-2014View More: http://robkorbphotography.pass.us/waterford-2014Right after we got our individual and group shots done, we added a new team member, Breanne Langston! We are SO excited to welcome her to the Waterford Team and we can’t wait to add her headshot to our team page! We know she will be a great addition and asset to Waterford!
Thank you again to Rob Korb for capturing all of these amazing shots, as well as the ones that we have featured on our About Us section of the website. Go check out our wonderful staff here and keep an eye out for some more updates to the website! Let’s just say, we have some amazing specialty linens heading our way!

Until next week!

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xo, Waterford!