Since Waterford Event Rentals (WER) opened its doors in 2010, the events world has forever been redefined and changed.  From Day 1, WER has gone the extra mile to ensure each client receives the most excellent and pristine care before, during, and after their event.  With that in mind, you might be wondering how we do it.  How do we seamlessly and flawlessly make sure your event runs smoothly and ultimately brings your vision to life?  It starts with a great team and leader!  This week we want to take some time to focus on several key players from our team who make each event a success and, in addition, share how WER has radically changed their lives:

Meet Brigitte – Events/Admin Coordinator

“I have grown so much as a person and employee since I first started with Waterford Event Rentals back in May of 2016.  During my senior year of college, I began looking for an internship in the special events industry and came across WER on social media.  Soon after hearing about this company, I realized what a strong and influential leader they are in the community.  On top of that, they even offered summer internships!  Upon completing my internship, I started working as an administrative coordinator with WER, where I am further developing my knowledge and understanding of the events world.

Essentially, WER changed my life!  The lessons learned and skills gained, since joining the team back in 2016, have increased my overall talents and professional capabilities.  Why, you might ask?  Because WER taught me to focus on our clients.  We want each customer to feel as if they are family and to ultimately have the easiest and most relaxing experience from start to finish.  Each team member sees your event as their event, ensuring high quality and ultimate satisfaction.”

Meet Megan – Events Staff

“With celebrating Thanksgiving tomorrow, I look back and reminisce on all that I am grateful for in my life, with one of those being Waterford Event Rentals.  For as long as I can remember, I have had a strong passion for planning and decorating.  When I discovered WER two years ago, I knew I wanted to be a part of this amazing company.  Since then, my knowledge and capabilities have grown drastically, vastly learning more about the wedding and events industry than I ever thought possible.  WER’s attention to detail and emphasis to always go the extra mile constantly remind me of the standard of excellence each of our team members hold themselves to.  This proves to be a company where not only do I have great co-workers, but I have also gained additional family!”

Meet Grace – Events Staff

“I started at WER as a summer intern earlier this year and have since gained so many more friends.  Because Alyse, Rebecca, and Brigitte took the time to invest in me from the beginning, I quickly caught on to the “Waterford Way” of ensuring the perfection and precision in every client’s event.  Like Brigitte, I was also offered a permanent position upon completion of my 400+ internship hours with WER, where I am learning even more!  Since joining the team during the summer, I have come to respect and love Waterford Event Rentals.  WER truly does care about their clients’ dreams and visions, mixing and mingling thousands of products in their inventory together to best meet their clients’ needs.  Prior to being an intern and employee, I had very little knowledge of the “behind the scenes” portion of an event; however, now, I get to see firsthand just how much work goes into making every event flawless!”

As you can see, Waterford Event Rentals changed each of these ladies’ lives, helping mold and grow them more into strong, professional, and creative event producers!  So, on behalf of the Events Staff team, we say thank you WER for investing in each of us!  Happy Thanksgiving to all!  Enjoy a festive time full of holiday cheer with friends and loved ones, while reminding yourselves what you are truly thankful for!

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