Happy Wednesday friends!
It’s been super busy here in the Waterford office and we think it’s safe to say that our wedding season craziness is officially here! Let’s just say that we’ve got over 15 weddings or events next weekend. . .EEK! As busy as things can get, we are always so thankful and excited for the opportunity to be a small piece of our clients big day! With the warm weather that accompanies wedding season, we provide linens for so many outdoor receptions, so today is all about a couple of tips that are important to consider when renting linens for your outdoor event!

Invest In A Tent!
The biggest piece of advice we could give for using linens during an outdoor wedding is to invest in a tent! If there’s one thing we know and love about Virginia, it’s that the weather can be pretty unpredictable! Investing in a tent is a wise decision especially if you plan on renting full table linens. You don’t want to end up having to pay extra fees for soiled linens that were damaged in the event that it downpours on your day!

Use Tablecloth Clips!
While investing in a tent is a great way to ensure your beautiful linens don’t get rained on, even the very best tents won’t block heavy winds that may occur during your event. Tablecloth clips are the perfect solution to use at outdoor functions to hold down your linens and ensure that they aren’t blowing off your guest tables! Many outdoor venues have tablecloth clips on hand, but if you need to purchase some, standard clear clips come in large packs for very cheap! You definitely won’t regret making this purchase!

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