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Can you believe that A Crystal Clear Vision at Mayapalooza is less than a month away?! Time is flying by and we are busy meeting with all of the participants helping to make all of their linen dreams a reality! Since all of the table designs at A Crystal Clear Vision will feature Waterford linens, today was the perfect time to discuss why renting linens is a better option as opposed to buying. We’re here to break down some of the top reasons for you!

Quality & Convenience
In our expert opinion, quality & convenience are the most important priorities when you’re investing in linens for your big day! You don’t want to end up with linens that you bought for cheap to come in with very thin fabric and low thread count that you then have to lug around and set up yourself. This is supposed to be your special day…you don’t want to stress over placing a table linen perfectly! A rental company will ensure you have excellent quality linens at an affordable rental price as well as provide the option of delivery, setup & breakdown services.

One of the perks of renting linens compared to buying is the hands on assistance you will receive when renting. At Waterford, we hold a design meeting with each of our clients which helps in assuring you are renting the correct size linens to fit your chair and tables. This service is basically like having your own personal Linen Coordinator! You won’t receive this type of service when renting from a random website. You will appreciate this extra help, especially if you’re having different sized tables throughout your event!

Ironing Expense
10952259_843993025642985_4005535635249246777_nA HUGE incentive to rent linens rather than buying comes in the form of ironing. If you choose to buy, you run the high risk of your linens being delivered in very small packages which makes the process of ironing out all the wrinkles extremely difficult. At Waterford, we use a laundering facility that is equipped with extremely large industrial pressing machines so the task of ironing linens is not another worry that is added to your list!

One of the biggest reasons that renting is a more effective option compared to buying is the ability to actually see the linens you are potentially going to rent. When you go into a business to rent linens you are presented with the opportunity to personally view the items and ensure the style, texture, and colors are exactly what you want! This becomes extremely important, especially if the colors you are looking for are very specific. The risk of a potentially mismatched color scheme is not something you want to stress about on your big day!

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