* What sets your service apart from other planners?

Wildflower Weddings offers no set packages because we believe that every bride has different needs from our company.  Our services are completely customizable and allow each bride to get exactly what they need in order to plan their perfect wedding.  We also offer D-I-Y sessions and assistance to our brides that want their wedding to be more personal.

* How did you get started in the wedding industry?

I started in the wedding industry selling wedding dresses at Maya Couture and ended up getting a job with another planner in the industry.   

* What experience do you have outside of wedding planning?

Outside of wedding planning I have been involved with a non-profit planning their events like Wine Tastings and Fundraisers ranging from Motorcycle Rides to Skydiving with Wounded Military members.  I also have experience in planning events with sports teams at a professional playing level and corporate events.

* Words of advice.

My biggest word of advice I can give to brides is to make sure you plan YOUR wedding day.  I know we all have those important loved ones who will have input but be sure that your wedding reflects you and your groom.  Especially with the little details…from the groom’s processional song to incorporating little rituals you have in your daily lives on the wedding day.  Your wedding day should be YOURS to remember.

* Why is having a planner a must?

Having a wedding planner is a must because we take the stress of the wedding day away.  You don’t have to worry about your mom or Aunt missing any detail of the wedding because they are the ones handling everything.  Everyone you want to be involved in your wedding is and they aren’t stressing what time they need to get the bridal party lined up or if the caterer remembers to fold the napkins the way you want. Remember…we are in this profession because we choose to be, not because someone asked us to help out.

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