The inspiration for the name of our company stems from when co-owners Alyse and Hollie stepped off the bus in high school and discovered they lived on the same street- Waterford Place!

Waterford Event Rentals takes further inspiration from Waterford Crystal.  Waterford Crystal is renowned throughout the world for their beautiful, elite crystal.  Celebrated for their high quality work, Waterford Crystal will never sell a faulty piece of work; in fact, any imperfect glass is tossed back into the furnace to be melted and reused or broken to eliminate a sale.

Waterford Event Rentals strives to the same level of dedication and perfection in our work. At the start of our company, we kept it simple with chair covers and sashes. As we did more and more events, the requests began to grow! Now, almost 10 years later, we pride ourselves in our inventory that is constantly evolving. We’d like to say that we stay on top of what’s trending & get you the hottest items before they’re even thought of on the East Coast. We love being able to stick to what we know (linens) & perfecting it. Our inventory now includes: full length tablecloths, napkins, runners, overlays, chargers, tables, and chairs in a handful of different colors and styles.

We take several important steps to ensure we always give customers the best possible service and product:

  • We steam ALL chair covers & linens when they arrive on location- wrinkles are bound to happen in transit.
  • We will NOT use stained linens. Whether the linens have been used once or ten times-we don’t care! You are the most important piece to our business and we ensure all linens are in top condition before getting sent out.
  • We put a cap on events each weekend to ensure we have the time to focus on each one.
  • We sit down with our clients and develop a design plan.  We take an active part in the planning process, increasing the quality of our service and decreasing the chance for mistakes.
  • We include you in all decisions from napkin fold, to linen selection, even down to the sash tie!
  • We help customers get exactly what they are looking for- no matter how difficult a color or fabric is to find.
  • We provide 3 different options in which to receive your linens: pick-up from our office, delivery to your venue, or set-up on site the day of where our staff takes care of it all. Yup! That means your family and friends get to relax and enjoy the day WITH you.

We hope you get a chance to experience linens the Waterford way!Luke & Ashley Photography | Venue: Lesner Inn  Lindsay Collette PhotographyChelsea Anderson Photography

Please don’t hesitate to reach out! We’d love to help plan your beautiful big day. Email us at or call us at 757-448-5999.

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