Happy Waterford Wedding Wednesday!! So I know it’s almost 100 degrees outside and the LAST thing you are thinking of is winter & Christmas! Well, it’s time to start because it will be here in less than 5 months!!!

To help you get into the spirit of the holidays and ready for the cold weather we thought we would share some of our favorite winter wedding pictures. As you can see, you don’t have to use just red and green to decorate…ice blues, whites, and golds look wonderful when paired with fresh flowers, vases, and even ornaments. We added some sashes and table runners at the end to give you an idea of what may look good with the winter wedding decor. Hope you enjoy!!

We are off to Atlanta this week for a wedding…and yes, W.E.R. will be making its mark in the South! Look forward to sharing pictures!!!

Alyse & Hollie

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