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We’ve been in bridal show mode for the past couple of weekends, and with our 4th Annual Crystal Clear Vision event quickly approaching (March 4 – don’t forget!), we thought it was about time for another set of bridal show tips! We’ve done a couple of these posts in the past – like our bridal show FAQ where we answered some basic questions about what to expect at a bridal show, and then our first set of bridal show tips last year around this same time! Bridal shows can be a little intimidating, especially if you’ve never attended one before, so our hope is that these little tips make your experience easier and that you get the most out of the show!

Quality vs. Quantity
Bridal shows are definitely exciting to attend – especially if you’re recently engaged, but we think the “quality over quantity” concept applies here as well! While it’s important to attend a few shows to make sure you’re seeing the various vendors in the area, you don’t want to get “bridal show burnout” by attending every single one, every single weekend. Limiting yourself to two or three shows will ensure you have the experience and knowledge that can come from these shows, but that you’re not overwhelming yourself or wasting your time!

Know Your Availability
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A lot of times, vendors will have special deals or promotions for people that set up a meeting right on the spot at a show. Because of this, it’s important to know your general availability so you don’t miss out on these great offers! Looking at your calendar beforehand and writing down a few dates/times that you’re free will save you the stress of having to remember at the show.

Take Photos & Notes
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As we mentioned above, bridal shows can be overwhelming. These shows are large productions with a lot of vendors present and a lot to look at! There is a high possibility that you will forget a lot of things that you see, so taking notes and pictures is crucial! You want to remember the things you liked about a particular vendor or the person that you spoke with at a certain booth. Not only do photos and notes help in remembering what you saw and liked, but it also gives you the opportunity to go home and reflect after you’ve had an opportunity to wind down from the show.

Remember Your Budget!
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One of our top tips (and hardest for many to follow!) is to remember your budget! Creating a budget is one of the first things you do when you start wedding planning – and for good reason! It’s so easy to get out of control with ideas, so sticking to a strict budget is so important. Wedding industry professionals are some of the most creative people around, so you will see many ideas and services that you never would’ve thought of at bridal shows. While it is fine to check out these unique ideas as an option for your wedding, you should make sure that you have room in your budget before you commit to anything!

Hopefully these tips (and the ones in our previous posts!) will help you when you attend your next bridal show! Check out this great list of bridal shows in the Hampton Roads area, and be sure to come see us at the 4th Annual Crystal Clear Vision Event at Mayapalooza on March 4th!

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