Waterford Wednesday: Stephanie’s Wedding!

Waterford Wednesday: Meet Our Staff!

It’s a very special Waterford Wednesday this week! If you keep up with us on Facebook, you were the first to know about our photo shoot a couple weeks ago to get some updated group and head shots for our About Us page! We’ve welcomed many new girls since our last...
Waterford Wednesday: Stephanie’s Wedding!

Feature Friday: Rebecca Is Engaged!

It’s a very special Feature Friday post today! If you follow us on Facebook, you’ve already seen the news…REBECCA IS ENGAGED! To say that we’ve been waiting for this day (along with most of the Hampton Roads wedding community!) is a huge...
Waterford Wednesday: Stephanie’s Wedding!

Feature Friday: Heather Philbrick

We’re excited to have another Feature Friday: Staff Edition post for everyone today! We recently had a new addition to the Waterford family and today is all about our girl Heather! Check out her interview below and help us welcome her to our team! Name: Heather...