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We’ve got a fun little post for you today all about trends! As we all know, trends come and go – some better than others. Everyone has those few pictures that they look back on and just cringe at the clothing, hairstyle, or makeup choice at the time, right? Well, when it comes to your wedding day (aka one of the best days of your life!), you don’t want to look back on your beautiful photos with those same sentiments! While it’s definitely important to express yourself and your vision for your wedding day, it might also be a good time to think about the future and how you’ll feel about your choices after the fact. Today we’ve rounded up three easy tips to ensure you have gorgeous wedding linens that will remain timeless throughout the years!

Neutrals Are Your Friend!
Beth&Devon_Featured-0022Photo: Elizabeth Henson Photos
Trust us, it’s no coincidence that linens in neutral colors are present at almost all weddings! Whether it be the classics like white, ivory, and khaki, or the newcomers – blush and champagne, there is always a little hint of a neutral linen! This is because they really represent a timeless color palette that will look great for years to come! They blend well together, as well as being a nice compliment to any other accent color you may decide on.

Trends Fade!
One important thing to remember about trends is that they almost always fade! Sure, they may make a comeback (hello 90’s choker!), but that’s not always a guarantee! You don’t want to risk choosing a very specific linen or color palette for your wedding just because it’s “on trend,” only to hate it days, weeks, or years after your wedding. Wouldn’t regretting a big piece of your wedding be terrible?! A good tip to follow would be to take a look at weddings over the years. What color palettes or trends do you notice that are still relevant and beautiful today? Go with those!

Think About Accents
16473557_1114228688687717_3670140819280243208_nPhoto: Grant & Deb Photographers
Accent colors are also something that you should definitely consider when planning the linens for your wedding! While a floral napkin mixed with an equally bright table overlay may be super on trend right now, chances are that trend will fade, and you may not be too thrilled with your choice in the future. Accent colors are supposed to do just that, accentuate what you already have – give emphasis to it! When thinking about your accent colors, a good idea would be to take our first tip into account (neutrals, neutrals, neutrals!) and add a nice accent on top in the form of a napkin or table runner!

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