Happy Friday Eve!! I bet everyone is looking forward to the weekend…I know I am! We have 2 events this weekend and 3 more next weekend…whew!! BUSY! 🙂

Well, since we are almost to the fall season I thought sharing some of my wedding photos would be appropriate. 🙂 I had my ceremony at St. Gregory the Great and my reception at the old Cavalier on the hill.  I did a lot of my decor on a budget-I tried not to use too many flowers in the centerpieces, so I accompanied them with a white pumpkin and spray painted them with a light dust of gold glitter. Using white pumpkins rather than orange gave more of a formal and unique look. My other centerpieces were long hay looking strands (some painted gold)…these definitely incorporated textures found during the fall season. You will notice I used sashes on the pews of the church rather than expensive flowers. I also had chair covers and sashes at my reception…A MUST FOR ME! Lastly, the programs, thank you cards, and seating cards were all done by my friends and I. A BIG thanks to Angela Gainer for your countless hours of gluing and bow tying! haha

Well I hope you enjoy!

Thank you Charlie Gunter Photography for capturing my special day!


cavalier-on-the-hill-wedding-12 cavalier-on-the-hill-wedding-11 cavalier-on-the-hill-wedding-10 cavalier-on-the-hill-wedding-9 cavalier-on-the-hill-wedding-8 cavalier-on-the-hill-wedding-7 cavalier-on-the-hill-wedding-6 cavalier-on-the-hill-wedding-5 cavalier-on-the-hill-wedding-4 cavalier-on-the-hill-wedding-3 cavalier-on-the-hill-wedding-2 cavalier-on-the-hill-wedding-1